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Summer Drum Lessons Available!

School’s out! But fear not, North London Drums can still connect you up with a fantastic drum teacher throughout July and August. It’s a great time to get topping up those summer drum lessons! Many students are away on holiday right now and their practice routine will be drying up. So it’s ideal for getting ahead with a bit of extra contact time with your drum teacher.

summer drum lessonsPerhaps you’ve got an exam booked? Getting in some extra summer drum lessons can be ideal for making sure you’re ready for the winter exam period. Often exam candidates start panicking at the unseen part of the test, including sight reading, improvisation, interpretation and ear tests. It’s a great time to get a head start on the elements. (And make sure you check out our drum sight reading app so you can get the best marks possible!)

Maybe you’re looking at improving and refining a skill or technique you’ve been thinking about dedicating some time over? Important technique such as learning the Moeller Method can take time and patience. In extra sessions you can really nail down into the specifics with your drum teacher. It can really take the worry out of other pieces you might be working on in your regular lessons.

You might even be taking lessons at school but your drum teacher is unavailable whilst school is closed. It’s a really great idea to keep your drum lessons going throughout this period. When you return to school you’ll be in great shape to continue lessons with your regular drum teacher.

Contact us for your summer drum lessons:

We’ll get you set up with a London drum teacher who will deliver one-to-one lessons, tailored specifically for your requirements. Make sure you contact us so we can discuss your needs and get you fixed up!

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