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drum exam sight reading app

Drum Sight Reading App – Out Now!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that our drum sight reading app is out now!

Over the past few months we’ve been been working really hard on our first drum sight reading app with developer Codefad to produce what we believe is one of the best exam practice tools out there.

This practice tool is now available for anyone preparing for their drum exams. The drum sight reading app covers debut, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3.

How does the drum sight reading app work?

To put it simply, the app produces an infinite number of sight reading examples that are relevant to the grade. We’ve explored, in-depth, the parameters of each drum exam grade. This ensures that once you select the grade you’re working at you get an appropriate sight reading example.

This means every time you load up a fresh sight reading example you’re looking at a brand new test. When we proposed this to the drum tutors they couldn’t wait to get their hands on it! This is super, super useful for drum lessons too.

Once you load up your first sight reading example in the app, you get 90 seconds to work it out. There is a countdown bar at the top. Once the time runs out, you’re given four clicks to playback. You can then play against the correct version of the example through the app to make sure it’s perfect! If not, you can give the same test another go, or start afresh with a new one. There’s an infinite number of examples, so you don’t need to worry about running out of examples to try out!

Ear tests / aural tests

The app also covers both ear / aural tests in the drum exam. The first ear test produces a snare drum pattern for you to copy. Also included is a playback feature so play along to check your answer. You can also check the notation to make doubly sure you’re going to get it right for the exam. The second ear test produces a drum groove for you to copy. Again, there is a playback and notation feature so you can check you got it right!

Why is this useful for my drum exam?

The unseen part of the test is a pretty daunting aspect for any exam. It can be difficult to know what to expect. There is usually only one example of each test in your grade book too. Once you’ve used it, it’s gone! To have an infinite number of examples for sight reading and ear / aural tests means you can practice daily. So all the way up to your test you know you can practice without fear of accidentally repeating an exercise.

The tutors and their students have been road testing the app for a couple of months. They say it’s a great tool for lessons. Every single one of them has reported a huge improvement in sight reading and aural skills! It’s great to see this starting to be reflected in their exam results. Obviously we think it’s a no brainer.

How do I get the drum sight reading app?

Grade 1, 2 and 3 are now available for you to download. Check them out on Apple here or on Android here.

If I don’t have an exam is the drum sight reading app still useful?

Yes! It’s a great tool for keeping on top of your sight reading skills whether you’re taking an exam or not. The app plays back the correct version, so you can check you’ve got it correct by playing along.

Let us know!

Have you been trying the drum sight reading app? Have you got any suggestions or feedback for us? Did your drum exam marks improve? Let us know by contacting us. And good luck in your drum exam!

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