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Spring 2016 Results for Rockschool Drum Exams

SpringExams2016The Rockschool drum exams results are in and the bar has been set pretty high this time around!

A huge congratulations go to Rich (Wood Green) and Sonia (Hornsey) who both just received their certificates and incredible results! Both students were taking their grades for the first time. Which makes it even more impressive that both passed their RSL Awards grade one with distinction.

Sonia gathered an impressive 91% in her drum exam and chose classic rock staple All Right Now by Free as her free choice piece. She also chose the Rockschool pieces West Coast Rollin’ and Deep Trouble to complete her setlist. Her tutor tells us she had been working super hard in her drum lessons. We know that piece has some tricky quaver/eighth-note passes which demands a lot of control. Amazing results Sonia, well done!

Rich received an exceptional 93% in his exam! He also chose Deep Trouble as one of his Rockschool pieces, along with Kaiser Roll. Rich chose Time is Running Out by Muse as his free choice piece. This Muse piece can be particularly tricky as it’s not quite as fast as you might think. So getting control over the tempo is crucial in getting this one nailed. Nice work Rich!

Sight Reading, Ear Tests & Questions

In addition, both got 100% (25/25) on the unseen part of the test. This the part of the test that can be pretty daunting. It includes sight reading, where you play a short snare drum piece you’ve never seen before. Also included are ear tests, where you have to play back patterns and grooves to the examiner from memory. Furthermore, it includes general musicianship questions. These are based on both the instrument itself and the pieces played in the test. To get full marks in this section really proves just how hard they both worked on securing a high grade.

Well done! The results were really well deserved!

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