drumming exam results

Drumming Exam Results – Spring 2017

We’re really pleased to bring you the latest drumming exam results from the tutors. It’s merits all around this time for a bunch of Rockschool beginner grades. If you’re interested in drum exam lessons, do make sure you contact us!

Drumming Exam Results – Debut & Grade 1

Firstly, a big congratulations goes to Sam (Muswell Hill) who took his very first exam this term. Sam, who has lessons with teacher Luca Romano, received a healthy merit for his Debut exam grade. (The Debut exam is a kind of entry level test which comes with less pressure than traditional grades). His piece choices were Z, Hazee Daze and the pop track Big Ideas. Great work Sam, keep it up for grade 1!

drumming exam results

A huge well done goes out to Lucas (Highgate) for passing his grade 1 exam. Lucas received an extremely high 88%, which equates to a merit! He chose to play the tracks Kaiser Roll and Munky Fusic. Lucas chose Highway to Hell as his free choice piece – a great track to demonstrate timing!

Lucas worked really hard on the unseen part of the exam and the work really paid off. He got full marks in his sight reading, ear tests AND general musicianship questions! To get 25/25 on this part of the test is really tough, so well done Lucas!

Congratulations go to Matilda (Newington Green) for passing her grade 1 exam with 84%. Matilda ended up choosing the tracks Bend and Snap and Munky Fusic as her Rockschool pieces. Matilda’s free choice piece was Supersonic by Oasis, again a great track to demonstrate timing. This piece sits at a particularly awkward tempo. You’ve got to focus on the click to make sure you’re in the right pocket for synchronisation with the backing.

Matilda also got full marks (10/10!) on the sight reading part of the test. It’s a fantastic result for a part of the test where you don’t quite know exactly what’s coming. Great work Matilda, keep it up!

Drumming Exam Results – Grade 2

Moving up to grade 2, a big well done to Sennon (Bounds Green). Sennon passed his drumming exam with a high merit at 86%. He chose to play Slipstream and Dora & Bootsy for his exam. He also chose The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by the Queens of the Stone Age as his free choice piece. This one has a great groove! Like Lucas and Matilda, he also got full marks on his sight reading tests. He also got full marks on his general musicianship questions. Great job Sennon!

It was Sam’s (Crouch End) second exam, after previously passing his grade one. He achieved another high merit at 87% for grade 2. For the unseen part of the test, Sam received 25/25! Getting full marks on the sight reading, ear tests and the general musicianship questions is no easy feat. Like Sennon, he also chose The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by the Queens of the Stone Age. The examiner noted that for this track his synchronisation was seamless! He also played Back Sabbath’s Iron Man and the Rockschool track Slipstream. Nice work Sam.

And finally, congratulations goes to Oliver (Muswell Hill) for getting 81% in his grade 2 exam. Oliver chose Bleach and Slipstream as his Rockschool pieces. He chose Vice by Razorlight as his free choice piece. This piece utilises that “double tap” snare pattern you often hear so much in 50’s and 60’s pop music. Oliver also got full marks in his ear tests. The hard work really paid off, nice job Oliver!

Want to improve your drumming exam results?

Again, a huge well done to everyone for these amazing drumming exam results. It’s clear that everyone put a lot of effort in and it’s really paid off. We can’t wait to see what you and your teachers do in the future.

If you’re looking to improve your own drumming exam results, contact us to book a lesson with one of the tutors. They provide London drum lessons but are also available online for remote lessons too.

If you’re currently learning to drum with one of the tutors and we’ve missed you out, speak to your tutor! They’ll pass on your details and we’ll post your results right here.

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