Online Drum Lessons - COVID-19: Still Drumming - North London Drums
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COVID-19: Still Drumming

online drum lessons

COVID-19: Still Drumming

We are pleased to let you know that the tutors are now offering an online learning solution for drum lessons. We know everyone will effected by the restrictions of the coronavirus, Covid-19, and as we all commit to social-distancing or self-isolation we know that creativity and music are more important than ever. Remote learning is a great way of being able to continue lessons in these ever-changing times.

Current students who have moved to this learning environment have great, dynamic lessons. We’re getting positive feedback from tutors and students alike.

Are you interested in online drum lessons? Please do contact us so we can tell you more and get you paired up with a fantastic tutor and you’ll be set up in no time.

Even if you have no kit at home we have some tips and suggestions to help you get going.

Happy drumming everyone and please stay safe!

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