Super Summer Results - July 2016 - North London Drums
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Super Summer Results – July 2016

SpringExams2016Summer has been one of the busiest exam periods ever for NLD, with 12 students entered for exams ranging from debut to grade 8. The results are in and along with the (mostly!) great weather we’ve got some great results to shout about! Here are the July results…

Congratulations to Rich (Wood Green) for a whopping 96% distinction on his grade 2 exam. Rich scored full marks on two pieces (including Enter Sandman by Metallica as his free choice piece), his technical exercises/rudiments, ear tests and musicianship questions. 96% is exceptional by any standards so well done to Rich, the hard work and practice is certainly paying off!

Ben (Muswell Hill) achieved an impressive 82% merit in his grade 4 exam. Considering the amount of time we had to prepare Ben before he heads off to boarding school (he’s only had lessons for 18 months!) this is a monumental achievement. Ben chose to play Guns N Roses version of Live and Let Die for his free choice piece.

Congratulations also go to Sol (Crouch End) for his grade 4 merit at 74%. Sol chose to play Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon for his free choice piece and worked really hard to get his technique ready for the technical exercises part of the test. Well done Sol!

It was Jake’s (Muswell Hill) first RSL examination at grade 2 and we’re thrilled with his 76% merit, including 14/15 on his technical exercises/rudiments and full marks on his musicianship questions. Jake handled some tricky bass drum parts in You Really Got Me by The Kinks for his free choice piece which means we’re ready to tackle bigger things when September hits. Great work Jake!

Domenic (Muswell Hill) also took his first RSL examination at grade 2 and came away with a fantastic merit at 78%. Domenic chose Iron Man by Black Sabbath as his free choice. We worked really hard on getting his sight reading ready and it paid off hugely. Wll done Domenic for a fantastic result!

Tom (Turnpike Lane) has been drumming for a couple of decades and decided he wanted to improve his skillset by taking his grade 4 exam. It turned out to be great decision as he walked away with a solid 82% merit, congratulations! We worked hard on creating some interesting development sections for the unwritten bars in the pieces, particularly for Message in a Bottle by The Police for his free choice piece. Tom is now preparing for his grade 6 and we’re sure it’s going to go well!

None of our students are pressured to take exams but for those who do it can be a valuable tool for focus and the results, as you can see above, are really rewarding. Congratulations to all!

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