New Year Results 2016! - North London Drums
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New Year Results 2016!

Although none of our students are pressured to take exams, we always have many students who opt to work from the syllabus of our chosen exam board, RSL Awards.

Congratulations go to Ben (Muswell Hill) on his grade three pass. He has shown incredible dedication as he only started lessons a few months ago. He performed AC/DC’s classic Back in Black (with some tricky bass drum 16ths/semiquavers!) as his free choice piece.

Further congratulations go to Sam who attained a merit in his grade one exam. Sam performed another AC/DC track, Highway to Hell, for his free choice piece. It shows fantastic promise for the future, especially as he has already begun preparing for his grade two!

And last, but not least, our congratulations to Boni (Green Lanes) for a whopping 86% in her grade two exam. We know Boni was surprised at the mark but she needn’t have been as all the practice she had been putting in was really paying off. Even though Boni is a pop fan, she opted for Black Sabbath’s Iron Man as her free choice piece because of the complicated coordination between all three cymbals.

Well done all!

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