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Book & Rates

Beginner Crash Course


For anyone considering tuition, we have designed a crash course of two sessions aimed specifically at novices who want to find out more about playing the drums, get a taste of what it’s all about and begin the foundations of learning to play.


This is the ideal package for any budding drummer – from the curious player to the person who wishes to fulfill a lifelong ambition! A ten minute Q&A finishes each session so you can be sure you are fully satisfied, quash any worries or fears you might have about learning to play, or find out more about the tuition itself.


People often book this crash course as a birthday or Christmas present. To purchase a voucher for this crash course, just get in touch with us.


The two lesson package is priced at £69 – just £34.50 per session!

Regular Tuition


We generally recommend sessions weekly in 30 minute or 60 minute slots, although this can be flexible to suit you. Once you know you want to continue with tuition, regular sessions are usually arranged for maximum progress, and aided by practice. Longer sessions can also be useful – we can teach a session for up to two hours depending on the situation (e.g., pre-exam, pre-tour, etc).


Our up-to-date highly competitive rates are as follows:


30 minutes – £25
60 minutes – £40
90 minutes – £60


As of 1 September 2015, sessions are paid for in five or ten session blocks after your first two sessions. Don’t worry if this won’t work for you, we understand everyones situation can vary. Just speak to us and we’ll arrange a customised plan for you.


Kit set up/tuning


We also offer a service for students who are struggling setting up their kit properly or want tuning tuition. Feel free to get in touch to find out what we can do to help.

One-day intensive workshop


We also offer intense workshops, perfect for any level of drumming. These can be ideal to top-up exam progress, fill a gap in your summer holiday, or focus on a particular skill or technique that needs extra time.


The day begins at 10am with a two hour session, followed by a one hour lunch break. We finish in the afternoon with another two hour session to apply the concepts looked at in the morning, finishing at 3pm.


The intense workshop costs £129 and includes any materials needed for the day itself. Contact us to speak further about your own requirements.