North London Drums | One to one personalised drum tuition to suit you
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One-to-one personalised drum tuition to suit you

My name’s Jack and I’m part of a friendly bunch of drum tutors based in North London. Our hub is based in Haringey (Crouch End/Muswell Hill/Hornsey) but we home-visit most of the north of the capital – including Highgate, Enfield, Barnet, Hackney, Islington and further afield.

We tutor students of all ages – from six to seventy six (!) – and with the rise in popularity of drumming amongst the adult population there hasn’t been a better time for anyone to start. Our students’ aims range widely – from working through an academic grade syllabus, to live/session work, or simply playing for fun.

We’re all fully CRB/DSB checked and members of PRS, PPL and the Musicians’ Union.


Sessions built around you

We recognise that every student has their own goals and ambitions – whether it’s aspiring to be a session drummer or simply wanting to play along with backing tracks at home, we tailor the lessons to suit you.


Session plans range widely and include – beat building, rudiments/technical exercises, to click/metronome work, independence, composition, ear/aural training, soloing, time signature exploration, modulations, synchronicity, and much more – we’re just scratching the surface here! We’ll even look at how to build your own drum beats.

No pressure, with or without the exams


For students interested in exams, we teach prodominantly through the RSL Awards/Rockschool syllabus, which gives you the opportunity to achieve a grade 8 level (with additional UCAS points). We know the syllabus like the back of our hands – and you will too before the exam day!


However, exams are only half the story; no student is pressured to take exams and many can progress more positively without.


We regularly coach students through live performances, auditions, GCSE/A-Level performances, tour preparation and will happily help you with any personal statements or references.

Beginner Crash Course

Designed for the budding drummer

I was really pleased to get a beginners crash course voucher for Christmas as I always leave gigs saying that I want to be a drummer. This experience was really good as I was able to start playing along to a track pretty much instantly!``

Learning to play can seem quite daunting so we always recommend trying the course to get a feel for what it's all about!


The ideal package for any budding drummer – from the curious player to the person who wishes to fulfil a lifelong ambition!


The course consists of two sessions a week apart, giving time to let everything sink in and return with a fresh pair of ears.


People often book the crash course as a birthday or Christmas present. Let us know - we'll personalise a voucher for you.


We'll get you to pick up the sticks pretty much instantly and go through the all basics you need to get started.


We always finish with a Q&A so you can double check what we've covered or find out more about the tuition itself.

Student Stories

Dillon Harrison

At just ten years old and with just three years of tuition, Dillon Harrison achieved his grade 8, garnering a huge 87% in December 2013. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg for this talented youngster.


Dillon, along with Jack (see right) won an international drum solo competition, DrumOffTV, with the prize being a day of recording in Metropolis Studios. For more information, check out this article here.


Check out Dillon’s prize-winning recording session below:

Jack Mosley

Jack came to me with a specific aim – achieve grade 8. Prior to our sessions he was a top 40 Young Drummer of the Year in 2008-2010 and in the Drummers Alliance national top 10 in 2008-2010.


We studied displacement/rhythmic modulation, and applied these concepts to the development sections of the exam pieces. Jack achieved his aim and got 92% (Distinction) in July 2013.


Check out one of Jack’s drum covers recorded in his home studio: